Choosing the Best Blonde for Your Skintone

The most important factors to consider when choosing the best blonde for you is your skin tone, followed by your eye color, time of year, and lifestyle. If you have pale skin and light eyes, go natural with lighter shades of blonde. Darker blonde shades work better on dark skin tones and eyes. Cool skin tones should avoid having too much warmth in their blonde hair, as it can make your skin look muddy. Instead opt for cool tones like ash and dirty blondes. If you have an olive skin tone, choose golden blondes to bring warmth to your complexion and make it appear less green. Try buttery or honey blondes. If your skin tone is neutral (meaning no noticeably pink or green undertones) both warm and cool blonde hues work for you. Look at pictures of blonds that you like, and those you don’t, then book a consultation with me to help decide on the right blonde for you.This can be a really exciting transformation.